Why are lettings agents key for landlords?

Following a rapid rise in licensing activity from local authorities in recent months, it is now more important than ever that landlords look to letting agencies for support.

Updates relating to landlord licensing and regulations are becoming increasingly time consuming for landlords.

Here at Ashton Estate Agents, we can help you manage any added responsibilities through our range of landlord services.

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Research found that in early December last year, 44 licensing consultations were in progress, forecasting that HMRC could collect £400 million in licensing fees and fines from landlords this year.*

The main concern within the sector is that landlords are being expected to meet ever-changing demands and levels of lettings standards, even whilst we’re in the midst of a global pandemic that is making conditions even harder to ensure compliance.

At Ashton Estate Agents, we want you to know that we are in a trusted position to help guide you as a landlord.

How we can help you

We understand that not every landlord has the time to fully manage their properties.

We make sure you’re covered in every aspect of your rental from day-to-day property management, to compliance and regulations.

By doing this, we try to ensure you have a stress-free landlord experience, helping you to save time in areas we specialise in.

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Ashton Estate Agents are here to help when it comes to complying with any new regulations as well as the existing systems in place.

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