Are you ready for the big day?

Moving house doesn’t have to be stressful

With these tips and tricks, you can be prepared and in control for when the big day arrives!

Have you booked your removal company?

As the property market is booming, there are a lot of people moving, meaning a huge demand for removal companies.

Research shows that the last two weekends of the month are always busiest, so once you know your completion day, get booking and be mindful of any last minute delays due to the pandemic.

Have you moved your broadband over?

Thankfully, most broadband providers are happy to transfer your service over as easily as you would your furniture, but you do have to think about timings.

BT recommend giving six weeks’ notice before your move date so you aren’t left WIFI-less.

Redirect your mail

Be sure to get your mail redirected from the Post Office sooner rather than later, prices start from £33.99.

All you need to set this up are the names and dates of birth for everyone who needs their mail redirecting, and the address and postcode of your old and new address.

Are you going to have your new locks changed?

When you move house, do you really know who has a spare key?

Around 37,500 homes will change hands this year where at least one spare set of keys are still in circulation with the previous owner.*

Do you need help organising your moving day? We can help, get in touch

As the big day approaches, it is very important not to panic if you are behind on packing!

Keep all your moving essentials at hand.

Marker pens, packing tape, scissors, cleaning products and bin bags are all necessities when it comes to packing.

Keep them all together in one place at easy reach.

Ziplock bags to save the day

Have you ever wondered where to put all the screws and bolts from your furniture? The best thing to do is put them in labelled ziplock bags so you don’t run the risk of losing any crucial parts.

Get an overnight bag ready

You don’t want the stress of hunting down your toothbrush or a pair of underwear when you have no idea what box they could be in.

Keep other essentials like your chargers, deodorant, socks, clean clothes and everyday products in there too.

Get the camera out!

Use your camera to take photos so you can remember how to reassemble furniture.

For example, the mess of cables that need re-plugging into the TV and broadband box, or the arrangement of photos on the wall.

It will save you time when you come to set things up in your new house.

No house move or mover is perfect, especially given the events of the last 12 months.

However, you should still look to be organised and create a plan for your moving period, including the run-up to moving and for when you actually get the keys.

If you need any support or advice, then as experts in this field, we can help.

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