Surge in chain-free property listings on the market

Surge in chain-free properties on the market due to sellers deciding to rent before they make their next property purchase

Compared to this time last year, only 15% of properties on Rightmove were chain-free. Fast forward to present day and this has increased to 21% of all available properties.

What are the main positives for buyers and sellers?

– Property transactions are shorter

– Reduces the chances of the chain breaking

– Creates more demand as chain-free sales are more appealing

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Buyers are actively searching for chain-free listings

Rightmove have seen a significant increase in the number of buyers searching for the terms ‘no-chain’ or ‘chain-free’ properties.

In February alone, the property portal found that the number of buyers searching for these terms was up by 72% compared to this time last year, demonstrating the current urgency to see stamp duty savings.

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