Monthly Archives: June 2021

Property transactions have seen a 22% increase!

More than 171,000 additional property sales have taken place in the last year, which is a 22% rise in monthly transactions!* Over 103,724 residential property transactions took place – on average – each month since the tax break was introduced in England in 2020. Compared to the previous year, which saw an average of 84,691, […]

Do you know the average rental prices in your area?

Average UK rents reached the highest levels since 2014 with a peak of £996, making it the fifth consecutive month that the price has increased* When excluding London, data from April highlights that the average rent in the UK is now at £853, projecting a 0.7% increase on the previous month and an increase of 6.2% on […]

Have your property priorities changed?

More than a quarter of UK homeowners and renters have claimed that their property priorities have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak Previously highly-sought after and high-value property features have dropped down the priority list for home buyers and tenants, as they now seek different factors when looking for a property that meets their needs and […]