Still thinking about putting your property on the market in 2021?

Properties are selling faster than they are being listed*

Up to May, UK house prices increased by 9.5%, which was massively boosted by the government’s stamp duty holiday that ended last month and drove increased activity from buyers and sellers.

With the market moving so quickly and a wide range of mortgage and loan opportunities available, people have had the ability to purchase properties at higher prices.

Vaccine optimism will continue to propel movement on the market, so if you’ve considered selling in 2021, we’d urge you to act now by booking your valuation.

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UK house prices have continued to rise by 1.3% month-on-month, and with lockdown restrictions easing, the demand for property threatens to get even higher.
Some more nervous buyers have held off until now, meaning that competition for the best properties on the market is getting more and more fierce.
This is coupled with cancellations of holidays, giving buyers disposable income for a housing deposit.
To find out how much your property is worth, book your valuation with Ashton Estate Agents today.

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*Property Industry Eye

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