Have you considered a new build property for your next home move?

Over the past 18 months, demand levels have hit record-breaking conditions, resulting in new builds reaching a 21-year high.*

Whilst new builds might not appeal to everyone, it’s safe to say that every property has its fair share of positives and negatives.

Today, we take you through a few of the pros and cons, and help you decide if a new build is for you.

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No chain: When buying a new build, one key attraction is the ‘no chain’ element of the buying process, as you’re less likely to experience delays or disappointment with fall throughs.

Government incentives: Schemes such as ‘help to buy’ can apply to new builds, and can be a big factor when buying.


Not always built when you buy: Buying on the basis of show homes can happen if the property isn’t built at the time of purchase.

Possibility of disruption: Possible delays in construction can add on a large amount of time and push back move-in dates.

Has all this talk of new builds got you interested?

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*Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

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