Inflation – Every Chadwell Heath Landlords’ Saviour

Some of you reading this will be old enough to remember the 1970s – the bell-bottom trousers, the huge collars, frayed jeans, disco glitter balls, maxi dresses, midi skirts but above everything else – HYPER-INFLATION. With inflation currently standing at 11.1%, many of us envy the last few years when we have been lucky to […]

Falling Chadwell Heath House Prices: The Winners & Losers

The doom and gloom of the national newspaper headlines regarding the UK property market would make you think Armageddon has arrived – this being the second most interesting topic to the Brits (the first being the weather!). So, what is happening in the British property market? As with most things in life, the devil is […]

Could the humble ‘granny annexe’ help solve the Chadwell Heath housing crisis for mature homeowners?

Could the humble ‘granny annexe’ help solve the Chadwell Heath housing crisis for mature homeowners?   Most Chadwell Heath homeowners born before 1960 have been in their homes for more than 25 years.   Yet of all the properties sold in the UK since the first lockdown in the summer of 2020, 50% of those […]

Chadwell Heath House Prices ought to be falling – these are the reasons they are not.

Looking at the newspapers with their doom and gloom headlines, you would think that the Chadwell Heath property market (and the British property market) would be on its knees. Yet ring some Chadwell Heath Estate Agents for a viewing or free valuation, and if you can get an appointment within a week to ten days, […]

Chadwell Heath Tenants’ Spiralling Energy Bills are About to Become Chadwell Heath Landlords’ Problem

As gas and electric bills rocket for Chadwell Heath tenants, Chadwell Heath landlords who do not start to make energy efficiency upgrades face lengthy void periods and will have to discount their rents. This is irrespective of the Government’s plans to change the rules on renting properties with low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings. Until […]

Has the Chadwell Heath Property Market Peaked?

Should you buy now or wait for the bargains? Many commentators believe we have seen the peak of the Chadwell Heath property market. So, should savvy bargain hunters wait for Chadwell Heath house prices to fall? Or could postponing your house buying for any anticipated Chadwell Heath house price drop be a costly mistake? Over […]

Chadwell Heath Property Market to Crash in 2022?

According to some newspapers and pundits, the property market boom could soon be over with increasing interest rates and inflation. In this article, I share the 3 fundamental economic reasons why things are different from the last property market crash. The insider’s way to find out if there will be a property crash. …and 4 […]

Chadwell Heath Homeownership rockets by 573 homes in the last 5 years

Chadwell Heath Homeownership rockets by 573 homes in the last 5 years   The Chadwell Heath housing market over the last five years has behaved oddly.  Chadwell Heath house prices are 18.3% higher than in 2017, even though during those five years, the British economy had the uncertainty of Brexit and the massive fall in […]

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