Your property is in high demand this summer!

We are experiencing a phenomenal market boom, with figures never before seen in the property market, leading to potential buyers making offers on homes before viewings have even taken place. In the first quarter of 2021, an estimated 36% of homes received offers from at least three buyers.* Take advantage of the current conditions and […]

Still thinking about putting your property on the market in 2021?

Properties are selling faster than they are being listed* Up to May, UK house prices increased by 9.5%, which was massively boosted by the government’s stamp duty holiday that ended last month and drove increased activity from buyers and sellers. With the market moving so quickly and a wide range of mortgage and loan opportunities available, […]

Property transactions have seen a 22% increase!

More than 171,000 additional property sales have taken place in the last year, which is a 22% rise in monthly transactions!* Over 103,724 residential property transactions took place – on average – each month since the tax break was introduced in England in 2020. Compared to the previous year, which saw an average of 84,691, […]

Do you know the average rental prices in your area?

Average UK rents reached the highest levels since 2014 with a peak of £996, making it the fifth consecutive month that the price has increased* When excluding London, data from April highlights that the average rent in the UK is now at £853, projecting a 0.7% increase on the previous month and an increase of 6.2% on […]

Have your property priorities changed?

More than a quarter of UK homeowners and renters have claimed that their property priorities have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak Previously highly-sought after and high-value property features have dropped down the priority list for home buyers and tenants, as they now seek different factors when looking for a property that meets their needs and […]

Surge in chain-free property listings on the market

Surge in chain-free properties on the market due to sellers deciding to rent before they make their next property purchase Compared to this time last year, only 15% of properties on Rightmove were chain-free. Fast forward to present day and this has increased to 21% of all available properties. What are the main positives for buyers and […]

A third of UK households predicted to move this year

As restrictions start to ease, almost a third of UK households are making plans to change their living arrangements, following their lockdown experiences* According to a new national survey of around 2,000 households, 31% are planning to move house following repetitive lockdowns and remote-working experiences. With only around 5% of households typically moving house each […]

Get mortgage organised

The value of advice The letting and management of your property has always been and continues to be our top priority. In recent years, as landlords, we have been faced with a wrath of legislation affecting our industry such as the Section 24 Tax changes to interest relief, Selective Licensing Schemes, and changes in Electrical Safety Regulations […]