Landlords Guides & Fees

Let only Service: Three weeks rent plus VAT.

Letting and Management: Three weeks rent plus VAT.  10% of gross monthly rent plus VAT (12% inc VAT)



We will prepare property details with photos where appropriate, actively market your property using local newspaper advertising, internet advertising and mailing.


All viewing will be by appointment and/or accompanied according to your instructions.


We currently use a professional referencing company who offer various levels of checks.  These include credit checks, previous landlord references where appropriate, employment references and residency information.  Further details available upon request.

Rent Guarantees (Management only)

If it turns out that a tenant falls into rent arrears for whatever reason we guarantee the payment of certain limited rent for you, the landlord and we will procure that this rent is paid for your account.

Our commitment to you is that in the event that within six months of the start if the tenancy being the date upon which the tenancy agreement is stated to commence and provided that the date is within sixty days of the effective date of the reference certificate is there is any default in payments of the tenants referenced share of the monthly rent or part thereof we will pay monthly in arrears:-

Up to a maximum of the amount the tenant is referenced for per calendar month.

Up to a maximum of four payments (the first months rent would have been collected with the deposit and excluding the first month of arrears), or until vacant possession had been gained, which ever is the soonest.

Payments will be paid subject to any deductions agreed in the agency agreement. Deduction will also be made for any outstanding charges due from you the landlord.

In the event of payments being made under this warranty, all rights of he landlord to recover such sums shall be , and by signing the agency agreement are authorised to be subrogated to the agent in order to effect the recovery of sums paid (in the name of the landlord if necessary or expedient).  Recovery of rents paid out shall be at the discretion of the agents.

This warranty is part of the service standard for our vetting service and you will receive immediate and automatic protection with the vetting service at no extra charge.  THIS IS SUBJECT TO THE TENANT(S) QUALIFYING FOR THIS SCHEME.

Gas and Electrical Safety

The regulation place a duty on the landlord to ensure all gas and electrical appliances, flues, wiring and associated pipe work are maintained in a safe condition at all times.

Gas Safety

Gas appliances and installations must be checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.  Relevant certificate must be supplied to us before a tenancy can begin.  Should you so with Ashton’s can arrange this on your behalf – the fee is required in advance.

Electrical Safety

The wiring must meet all electrical and fire safety regulations.  Also appliances must be checked on an annual basis by a suitably qualified contractor.  The relevant certificate must be supplied.  If you require Ashton’s to arrange the necessary checks the fee is required in advance.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms must be fully functional and fitted with new batteries unless hardwired (before a new tenant moves in).


All soft furnishing must comply with the resistance requirements which came into force in 1988.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

From 1st October 2008 all rental properties with a new tenancy in England and Wales will require to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

An EPC is a review of the energy efficiency and environmental impact of your property and will be rated on a scale from A-G, A being the most efficient.  It covers the running costs for heating, hot water, lighting and will also suggest energy saving improvements for the properties.

Should you wish, Ashton’s can arrange this on your behalf – the fee is required in advance.  Please contact Ashton’s for information on charges.

Tax Liability of Living Abroad

If you live abroad whilst your property is rented out, we as your agent, will be held responsible by the Inland Revenue  for the payment of your tax liability on rent collected.  Please supply us with your IR approval number if you are making arrangements or are exempt.

Mortgage & Building/Contents Insurance

Please notify your lender and insurance company that you are renting out your property.

Security Deposits

It is normal to collect a deposit equal to one months rent as security against damage/loss, taking into account “fair, wear and tear”.  This will be deposited into The Deposit Protections Service. (

Inventory/Schedule of Condition

We strongly advise landlords to have a professional inventory/schedule of condition carried out.  Should a dispute arise concerning the deposit at the end of a tenancy an inventory will be essential.  Ashton’s can arrange this for you (chargeable).

Council Tax and Utilities

Please provide copies of all recent bills in order that we can arrange transfer to the tenants.

Maintenance (Management only)

We will respond to reports from tenants regarding maintenance issues and instruct tradesmen accordingly.  We will attempt to contact you before instructing any work subject to the urgency of the situation.

Property Inspection (Management only)

We will make quarterly visits to the property and advise you of any maintenance or repair issues which we consider should be brought to your attention.  Such visits, however, should not be regarded as anything more than a check to ensure that the tenants are observing the conditions of the agreement and are generally looking after the property.  We do not carry out inspections between tenancies.

Sale of Property

In the event that a tenant we introduced proceeding to purchase the property, a fee of 1.5% plus VAT of the sale price at exchange of contracts is payable.

Rent (Management only)

We will collect the rent each month and send you a statement detailing any expenses.  Payments will normally be made to your account electronically.  It is normal for a payment to take 3 working days to arrive.  Please note this applies to both the tenant’s payment to us, as well as our payment to you (i.e. 6 working days).

End of Tenancy

The Tenant must give one month’s notice, whilst the Landlord would give two month’s notice.  Please, therefore, advise us of your intentions, and bear in mind the day of the month the Tenancy began would also be the date of termination.